Disabled Facilities

Beaches in Famagusta are generally well-equipped to accommodate visitors with disabilities. Some common facilities you might find at these beaches include:

Accessible Paths:

Wheelchair-friendly pathways that provide easy access to the beach and other facilities.

Accessible Restrooms:

Public restrooms equipped for people with disabilities, including ramps and spacious stalls.

Reserved Parking:

Designated parking spaces for visitors with disabilities close to the beach entrances.

Beach Wheelchairs:

Some beaches may offer specially designed beach wheelchairs that can move on sand.

Assistance Services:

Lifeguards and beach staff are often trained to provide assistance to visitors with disabilities.

Please remember that while these facilities are generally available, it’s advisable to check with the local authorities or the beach management for the most up-to-date information on the accessibility features of specific beaches. Additionally, if you have specific requirements or questions about accessibility you can visit the municipalities of Ayia Napa, Paralimni, and Sotira.